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La femme pétillante

"Our Young Sparkling Woman Derbies is a new model of derbies in our collection, comfortable, feminine and contemporary. Its slender and tone-on-tone vamp allows it to quickly become the must-have pair for the urban woman who is betting on a casual Parisian style. As a good city pair, or as an elegant and modern touch combined with a classic outfit, this pretty pair of low derbies can be worn with any wardrobe without fear of slip-ups. Available in matte or patent leather or suede suede, this pair is a great classic of any casual outfit. Playing with the codes of the androgynous style, it can be worn as a dress as well or with pants that give it a little rock touch. Filled with a thin but comfortable cowhide leather lining and a leather comfort sole, it is a comfort argument. Easy to put on, it can be worn close to the foot, nicely emphasizing the shapes. Like all of our luxury women's shoes, this sneaker inspired by vintage tennis is handcrafted in our workshops in Portugal with quality skins and a Blake assembly that guarantees its lightness and durability. In order to take care of your shoes, we recommend you to follow our Guide and our Advice of good gestures and care to adopt for your pair.