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To offer affordable high-end products, with handmade shoes that respect traditional know-how and use quality raw materials.

Seam finishes: this is the ambition of our brand, which aims to make the beauty of the simple but sophisticated shoe accessible, which plays with fantasy about colours and leather work.
Playing by offering modernised iconic models: formal shoes converted into timeless and casual proposals, casual shoes that take on braid and become more noble thanks to their stitching finishes.

Mixing skins with velvety, grainy, smooth creations in regular vamp or bi-materials, finishes that have made the brand one of its strengths for the past four years and regularly offer assemblies that create encounters.

To approach the design of the half measure uncomplicated, affordable and simplified: by allowing our customers who love our pieces and beautiful things to be able to create their unique pair with personalized details.
Develop our style: from the Chelsea boot to the fight boots, the brand's dough is felt through its slightly rounded English shapes, its range of strong colours and its fine lines.

Delicate and lightweight, our shoes have been combined since this new season for women with a variation of iconic boots inspired by the men's wardrobe, this time enhanced, precious and delicate.

a special character

At Paire & Fils, we focus on mixing genres to create a balanced, intergenerational collection with iconic style, offering an ode to the timeless.

With a neo-dandy aesthetic, the models embody the great boot classics with simplicity and elegance, adding a colorful, unexpected and singular touch.


Key steps

- Each pair is first imagined and designed, with details and design specific to the model and its future colour variation. It is the work of the team that rivals each season for originality to constantly offer new models and fresh winds for our iconic luxury boots.

- The shape and creation of the mould, the real guiding thread, marks the footwear but also the marks of openings and details. Engaged by the formier this work does not lack importance insofar as it also determines the comfort of the shoe, and the right balance for the foot.

- This volume version is then flattened to give life to the pattern, cutting templates for leather inserts. These parts are cut in the material previously controlled and processed by a respectful and durable tanning process.

- Taken from the most qualitative plots, the leather pieces will make up the stem once assembled and sewn. This upper is sewn to the first assembly and then to the outer sole using the Blake assembly technique, which links the soles and upper by a common seam that promotes the flexibility and lightness of the shoe.

- Once assembled, it is time to perfect the finishing touches in order to give the shoe its well-deserved grace: painting the sole, laces and eyelets, then final cleaning and polishing and your shoes are ready!