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Our collection of derbies for men is inspired by the dandy universe, revisiting the mythical androgynous pair in a more elegant version, enhanced by details specific to the male wardrobe. Converted into an urban, timeless and essential shoe, our boot is not lacking in originality, preserving its beautiful shapes and its dressed touch thanks to its wide range of colours. Coming from a quality manufacture, each finish of its upper has its importance, velvet, smooth or grained leather, everything is studied to perfect the shape of this iconic shoe for men, supple and very comfortable. This timeless model has a round toe and a small leather heel with a deliberately woody effect. Ideal to match with a dressed outfit, it also knows how to find its place in more casual dressings with well-cut jeans that highlight the leather borders of its velvety upper. Easy to wear and lightweight, you can combine this pretty pair with a more formal outfit depending on the circumstances: for costumes, we recommend our range of black leather derbies boots adapted to the dressed and very elegant style.


L'Homme Impartial cappuccino
Le jeune étourdi
Le Jeune Insouciant
Le jeune réservé