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Care instructions
  • How to care my shoes

    Blake stitching
    Our manufacturing method offers you pairs of shoes assembled with Blake stitching, a technique renowned for its flexibility that links the sole to the upper with a single, solid seam. This method provides immediate comfort, but requires vigilance when it comes to protecting the sole.
    Do I need to have a skate fitted?
    A large part of our collection has a leather sole with temporary glides. After three to six months' wear, it is advisable to have a glide fitted to protect the sole and enhance comfort.

    According to skins
    Leather: Our collections are made from "full-grain" leather, the thick, intact, noble part found in quality natural leathers, with no marks and guaranteed longevity.
    Patinated leather: this leather has a special wax finish that gives it a unique appearance and lots of character. More sensitive than classic leather, it is unprotected and must be waterproofed before first use.
    Suede: Its nature (full-grain leather sanded on the flesh side) makes it sensitive to stains and the absorption of liquids. Very soft, it can be deep-cleaned with a horsehair or crepe brush and waterproofed regularly.

    Cleaning my pair
    Golden rules
    When it comes to caring for your pair of shoes, alternating wear and putting them on trees after each wear are the two top priorities.
    Depending on the skin and its finish, we recommend a particular use of our care line, to ensure our pairs retain their pretty shape and appearance over time.

    It is essential to use our care line on a clean, dust-free pair, and to use the products sparingly.
    Only use our products on natural materials such as leather, nubuck or suede.
    Regular care will make all the difference, and help you maintain a quality pair of shoes over time.